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Life is expensive as it is.........

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…………is very important. We keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues. By e-mail, Messengers and Telephone. Due to the Internet, we find friends all over the world, there is no distance in communication anymore.

But some of us still don’t use the Internet or do not have a computer at all. The old fashioned telephone is still doing its work. For those who have an Internet connection and who want to call to landlines for a very cheap rate, there is SKYPE. And with SkypeIn Beta there is also the possibility to subscribe to telephone numbers in 7 different countries (more will follow) so your landline friends can call you "locally".  SkypeIn Beta is so much cheaper then a normal subscription.

I use SKYPE to phone all over the world, even Australia is very cheap from Holland, only 2 Eurocent per minute.

And when you both have Skype on your computer, you call for free!!

SKYPE is getting more and more advanced and will soon replace my landline. I know, it can't call emergency numbers like 112 (911) but I use my mobile phone for that. My Telfort mobile subscription costs 2,50 Euro's per month with 500 free calling minutes/month to other landlines and Telfort numbers in Holland. So, would I be stupid and hold on to my landline subscription as soon as Skypeln has numbers available in Holland???? No, of course not.....

Please find out more about SKYPE by clicking their flashing banner and start using their marvellous features.

Speak to you soon!!!
PS. at the moment  I am..........

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