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Welcome at Paravet's Web Site.........

What is a Paraveterinary????
Nothing more or less then a Veterinarian Nurse according to the EG regulations.
Please allow me to introduce myself to those I have not met yet. My name is Ike (Eeka) Roelfsema, 50, female, very Dutch and apart from with loving authentic Dutch Parents, also a "Non Offical Adopted Foster daughter" of a wonderful Yorkshire couple. Call me fortunate with two pair of parents......
As the name of my site suggests, I am, or was, a Veterinarian Nurse.
5,5 Years with a small animal Vet and 2,5 years as a trainee with a country Vet. Further on the site I will share some of the wonderful events from that period with you.
My Cancer's are the reason to put up this site. But also the events in my life will be part of the stories as I can't remember a boring day. Though sometimes I would like it a little bit more quiet!
You will read about all my parents, my family, friends and animals who will walk by, supported by the humour en energy I received with the genes as a wonderful gift of God, the Father I love so much and who walks next to me, what ever happend or happens, what ever I did or do.
Again, be welcome and please, do feel at home..............
Ike, xxx

Please bare in mind that this site will always be under construction............


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We also built and support "Leven met Borderline"
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